Effective Shockwave Therapy in Melbourne

For some conditions, your podiatrist might suggest shockwave therapy. Melbourne patients with podiatry issues such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles’ tendonitis can be treated by shockwave therapy, as well as problems in the knee, hip, lower and upper leg and back.

Shockwave treatment works by inducing microtrauma to the tissue that is affected by these problems. This microtrauma initiates a healing response by the body. The healing response causes blood vessel formation and increased delivery of nutrients to the affected area. The microtrauma is thought to stimulate a repair process and relieve symptoms of pain.

We use a low-energy form of shockwave therapy in our Melbourne clinics. Low-energy shockwave treatments are given as a series of three or more treatments. The low-energy shockwaves are usually not painful, or only mildly painful.

Shock Wave Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Melbourne

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, involving inflammation of the thick band of tissue on the bottom of your foot. This tissue connects to your heel bone and toes and when inflamed, it causes a stabbing pain. This pain usually occurs in the morning when you take your first steps. The pain tends to decrease as you move around but often returns after long periods of lying down or sitting.

Common causes of plantar fasciitis include wearing inadequate footwear, being overweight, and injury caused by running. Other risk factors include your age, your foot mechanics, obesity, and standing on your feet all day.

For plantar fasciitis treatment in Melbourne, we may recommend shockwave therapy. This is recommended for chronic plantar fasciitis and other lower limb issues. Shockwave therapy is also recommended for patients unresponsive to conservative treatment, which includes resting, icing the area and stretching.

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