A child is not a mini version of an adult. Their feet are constantly growing and because the foot is full of ligaments and soft muscles it can easily be manipulated and deformed. Therefore, it’s important that young children wear loose fitting socks and their feet are not forced into tight shoes. Shoes are only required once a baby starts to learn to walk.

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When walking starts, let them do so in bare feet or in socks. Children will overcome instability faster and they will enjoy healthy foot and lower leg development as a result.
After a year or so, the feet are sufficiently strong to take the child’s weight when walking. However, it’s a long process for the bones to be fully hardened. That takes place at adolescence. As your child grows, look for anything that strikes you as unusual you see something abnormal such as in-toeing (Pigeon Toes), frequent tripping etc.

It is recommended that a child should be seen by a podiatrist at least once a year. Small malfunctions and unseen deformities can be made worse by the wrong footwear leading to back, leg or foot problems in later life.
Many musculoskeletal conditions of the child’s feet and legs are treatable. At the very least we can advise on such conditions at an early stage even if treatment is not needed.
The developing foot can come across a lot of problems leading to stress and anxiety for both the child and parents. Often these “problems” are just different stages of the normal development process where all that is needed is some reassurance. However sometimes a more in-depth assessment is required and that is where we can help. You should bring your child to be examined at one of our clinics if they are complaining of pain or discomfort which is restricting them from completing their daily activities like participating in sporting events.
We will assess your child from the hip down to identify where the problem lies as often there is no problem within the feet and the issue lies higher up the skeletal tree. If this is the case then it is easily correctable through a tailored stretching and strengthening exercise program, footwear advice and orthotic therapy.

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