ComfiTech® 3D Biomechanics (Powered by STT Systems) is a portable optical motion capture system, designed to study specific parts of the human body (shoulder, knee, spine, etc.). It is the 1st 3D motion capture system in Australia that allows our team of podiatrists to accurately diagnose, prescribe orthotics and correct abnormalities to the best possible desired posture.

ComfiTech® 3D Biomechanics is a compact system, but with a special set of advantages:

  • High degree of precision and reliability.
  • Real-time 3D visualization to enhance patients’ understanding of their gait condition.
  • A detailed report can be generated automatically right after the data acquisition. Based on the report, your Podiatrist will be able to provide you with an accurate treatment plan eg orthotic therapy.

The system comprises two high-resolution, high-speed digital cameras with built-in infrared LED lighting. The system operates with reflective markers as well as active LED markers. It is a valuable human motion analysis tool which may be applied in a wide variety of areas relating to medicine and ergonomics.

This high tech biomechanics system was previously only made available to elite athletes and sportsman. Now we are able to extend that privilege to all our patients at an affordable price.

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