A wart is a growth of skin that develops when the skin is infected by a particular virus. Making direct contact with the human papilloma virus (HPV) is how it is contracted. Warts can develop anywhere on the foot but most commonly appear on the bottom (plantar aspect) of the foot. Communal change rooms are the most common place for these infections to spread. 


  • Thickened skin – Callous can build up over or around the wart due to its tough, thick tissue, 
  • Pain – When walking or standing for long periods of time. Squeezing the sides of the wart will clarify the diagnosis 
  • Warts can occur at any part of the foot without pressure being applied specifically. 
  • Black Dots – These usually appear on the surface of the wart itself. The black dots represent tiny blood vessels that grow within the wart. 


  • Avoid walking barefoot in communal change room and showers 
  • Changing shoes and socks daily 
  • Keep feet dry and clean 
  • Avoid direct contact with warts on other people 
  • Do not ignore growth or changes on your skin. 


Salicylic acid – This is used to manage and monitor warts and it available at a variety of different strengths. Mild options are available over the counter. This type of treatment will require multiple applications over the course of several weeks. It aims to remove the viral cells slowly and allows healthy skin cells to replace them. 

Silver nitrate – is a painless treatment which form a cap or “eschar over the top of wart to prevent further growth and reduce the likelihood of the wart spreading to other areas. 

The main aim of the treatment of warts is to both remove the wart and minimise scarring. Many wart treatments can be highly corrosive and result in residual scarring. At Comfort Feet Podiatry Group we treat warts with a combination of supervised in clinic treatments as well as self treatments at home to provide the most successful result for our patients.

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