Intoeing is most commonly know as when the feet turn inwards otherwise known as Pigeon toes. In toeing is seen most in young children and in the majority of cases it resolves without requiring any treatment. 



Most children with Intoeing present without pain or functional problems. Families will notice that there child either walks, stands or runs with their feet pointed inwards. Intoeing can also be identified via tripping or stumbling when school aged children are participating in sports or activities. 

  • Metatarsus Adductus – Is when the forefoot is twisted inwards compared to the rear foot. 
  • Internal tibial torsion – Increased twist of the tibia (Shin Bone) causing Intoed appearance. 
  • Femoral Anteversion – Is when the femur (Thighbone) has a twist and turns inwards. 


Treatment for inteoing is dependant on whether the cause is at the foot, leg or hip and whether it is impacting the Childs every day to day life. Generally no treatment is necessary as Intoeing will often resolve or improve with development. In some cases the following treatment plans may be put into place.

  • Strengthen & stretching exercises specific to certain muscle groups
  • Footwear advice 
  • Changing sitting positions 
  • Orthotic intervention to correct alignment and rotation of the foot and lower limb
  • Night splints
  • Surgical intervention
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