Athletes foot also know as ‘Tinea Pedis’ is a highly contagious fungal skin infection. Commonly affecting all parts of the body including feet, groin and scalp. Tinea spreads quite easily via direct skin to skin contact or indirect contact such as floors, clothing items and towels. This infection loves to harvests in warm and moist environments. Change room and communal showers are the most common places for this infection to spread.

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  • Itching or stinging 
  • Red scaly rash in effected area 
  • Splitting, cracking or cuts in-between webspace
  • Stinging or burning of the skin in-between webspace where there are cracks or splits
  • Blistering 
  • Discolouration to nails 


Tinea infections usually respond successfully to anti fungal topical treatment. Other infections that are difficult to remove may require anti fungal medication. 

Antifungal creams, gels, ointment, sprays or powders – These products are usually available over the counter from pharmacies or via prescription and are applied directly to the feet or in-between toes. 

Antifugal tablets – GP’s may prescribe a course of anti fungal tablets if you have severe case in which is covers a large surface area. If topical treatments have not been successful may be an alternative. Tablets may also be prescribed if the infection has spread to the toenails.



Drying skin thoroughly, specifically in-between webspace. 

  • Wearing clean socks everyday. Cotton instead of synthetic 
  • Air out skin 
  • Avoiding communal areas such as change rooms and showers in barefoot.
  • Breathable footwear 
  • Keep shoes dry 
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