tennis elbow and osteopathy

Tennis Elbow, medically known as lateral epicondylitis, arises from the inflammation of the muscles around the elbow due to their excessive use. The repetitive strain on these muscles leads to pain, earning it the moniker of tennis elbow. Given that the muscles, tendons, and ligaments play a crucial role in both the extension of fingers and wrist, their wear and tear can result in this condition. The causes of tennis elbow can be diverse.

Contrary to popular belief, this condition isn’t exclusive to athletes. Many individuals experience elbow pain due to the extensive use of forearm muscles. The initial step in addressing the pain or inflammation involves an accurate diagnosis, which can be achieved through various tests like X-rays or MRI scans. Once the underlying cause is correctly identified, one can proceed with the available treatment options. Common symptoms include elbow pain, weakened grip strength, and muscle soreness.

While tennis elbow often improves over time, our therapists offer physical therapies and massages that aid in alleviating the underlying condition. Our osteopaths provide specific exercises aimed at reducing joint inflammation and promoting muscle relaxation. These exercises and therapies contribute to improved mobility of the wrist and elbow.

Various stimulating techniques are employed to diminish pain, resulting in enhanced grip strength. Over time, patients often experience significant improvements in mobility and reduced pain levels. The muscles and joints around the elbow are better able to relax, and for expedited healing, our therapists employ stimulating techniques to bolster muscle strength. Our proficient osteopaths ensure that stressed or injured muscles receive the necessary relaxation through a range of therapies. Many of our patients have successfully regained wrist grip and strength through these interventions.

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