Sciatica pain is an intensely severe discomfort originating in the lower back and extending down into the legs. This pain results from the compression of a nerve in the lower back.

Individuals with slipped discs frequently experience sciatica pain. Although many people with sciatica pain may find relief over time, seeking guidance and treatment from an osteopath offers the fastest alleviation. The sciatic nerve, which spans from the lumbar region to the sacrum, is the longest nerve in the body. When this nerve is compressed, it triggers sharp, shooting pains or jolts.

Our osteopaths furnish tailored exercises to alleviate nerve compression. Sometimes, the pain can lead to muscle stiffness and numbness, affecting the leg. These exercises are thoughtfully crafted to ease discomfort and numbness in both the legs and lower back. Typically, this type of pain affects one leg, which can impede the movement of leg muscles and bones. Our team, comprising osteopaths and podiatrists, utilizes various methods to differentiate whether the pain stems from sciatica or another underlying cause.

Definitive diagnostic methods such as spinal X-rays and MRIs have proven effective in identifying this type of pain. Each sciatica patient manifests distinct symptoms, and the intensity of pain varies. Therefore, the treatments and exercises are customized to suit the individual’s condition. The interventions provided by our osteopaths have yielded noteworthy results for individuals who have endured sciatica for an extended period. Additionally, self-care and rest play a pivotal role in the treatment regimen.

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