Jaw Pain TMJ Osteopath Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), commonly known as jaw pain, can be an excruciating experience that may persist for a short period but can also lead to lasting effects. While a dental X-ray can offer insights into the condition of the jaw, paying attention to how your jaw feels when you open and close your mouth can provide valuable clues about the underlying cause of the pain. This discomfort doesn’t just impact the jaw itself, but also extends to various parts of the mouth, including the sinuses and head. Severe jaw pain can even trigger headaches.

Facial muscles may feel tense and tender. To alleviate the pain, a dentist might recommend pain relief medication to keep it under control. However, for long-term relief and to address the root issue, strengthening the jaw muscles is crucial. Our osteopaths specializing in jaw pain offer education and guidance on your condition.

They help you comprehend the diverse underlying factors that may contribute to or exacerbate your jaw muscle and bone pain. After analyzing the symptoms, they suggest a range of jaw exercises designed not only to fortify the jaw muscles but also to enhance jaw mobility. Physical therapies don’t just benefit the jaw, but also promote relaxation and improved mobility in facial muscles. The causes of TMJ or jaw pain can vary, from arthritis to injury, and even natural age-related degeneration. In severe cases, jaw pain can make it challenging to eat or swallow. Our exercises work towards rebuilding lost jaw strength through stretching and enhancing TMJ mobility. In the long term, these exercises can address the issue at its root cause.

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