Is knee pain associated with a flatter foot type?


A pronated or flatter foot type can result in multiple complications within the knee. Many of which, myself and my fellow Comfort feet podiatrists, see on a day to day basis. The most common of these include:

  1. Lateral or Outside knee pain:

Clinical experiences highlight that lateral (outside) knee pain can be instigated by tightness of the iliotibial band, excessive foot pronation (flat feet), genu varum, and tibial torsion.

This overuse pain commonly occurs in runners and cyclists, although it may develop in any person who is involved in activity requiring repetitive knee flexion or knee bending. E.g running downhill and climbing stairs.

  1. Patella Femoral Pain / Front or behind of knee pain:

 Some of the most common causes of PFPS (patello femoral pain syndrome) are weak muscles (quadriceps and gluteals), tight muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors) and most importantly abnormal limb alignment/ biomechanics (flat or high arched feet, knock knees or rotated hips).

These 2 abnormalities can be addressed in clinic via our qualified podiatrists who can provide strengthening, stretching, training regimens and taping or foot orthotic advice.

Dr Matt Kalatzis (BHSc, M.Pod)