Do you suffer from bunions?


What is a Bunion?
Bunion is one of most common conditions we are treating in our clinic. Bunion (hallux abdocto valgus) is an abnormal bony bump on the side of the 1st big toe joint, and it can occur on the side of the little 5th joint as well (Tailor’s bunion or Bunionette).

What are the symptoms of bunion?

Check for the following symtoms.
• Pain or burning sensation on 1st toe joint or 5th toe joint
• Numbness
• Redness or swelling on the area

In our clinic, we have treated many patients who suffers from painful bunions. We commonly see bunions among females who wear high heels or tight fitting shoes. Bunion can be hereditary. As such, bunions can be seen amongst young children and males as well.

If you are concerned about bunions or unsure if you’re suffering from bunions make an appointment with one of our podiatrists today and we will help you seek the best treatment.

Dr Miki Ushio (BHSc, M.Pod)