Achilles tendinitis, characterized by pain in the heel, is a condition that significantly impacts activities like standing, walking, and maintaining proper posture. The pain arises from inflammation in the substantial tendon running down the back of the lower leg. This tendon plays a crucial role in elevating the heel off the ground while walking and bears the body’s weight, ensuring stable footing.

When this large tendon experiences inflammation or injury, it can lead to a tear. This tear can result in persistent discomfort, manifesting as either a lingering ache throughout the day or a sharp pain upon stepping in the morning. At times, the pain can escalate to an unbearable level. This condition often arises from overexertion during physical activities involving the legs and feet, or from extended running that strains the calf muscles. This, in turn, affects the heel and leads to pain.

It is highly recommended to seek professional advice if experiencing heel pain, especially if it worsens without proper diagnosis. The stabbing sensation in the heel can cause significant discomfort and hinder day-to-day activities. Our osteopaths and podiatrists offer a range of exercises and therapies, which may include adjustments or active release therapy, aimed at fortifying the tendon and the underlying bone.

Mobility exercises are crucial in relieving muscle tension and restoring strength, allowing individuals to regain their mobility. We guide you in alleviating heel pain through exercises that enhance strength, ultimately helping you regain lost mobility and enabling your muscles to perform physical activities effectively as needed.

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