Melbourne is a busy city full of athletes and active people on the move all day. At Comfort Health Group (Comfort Feet Podiatry & Comfort Osteopathy), we understand how difficult it is to live with bodily pains and lower limb issues. Our multi-modality treatment approach make us the obvious choice when it comes to solutions for healthy body and feet.


We are proud recipients of the coveted ‘Manningham Business Excellence Award’ in 2018, ‘The Most Innovative Podiatry Practice in Greater Melbourne’ by Global Health Pharma at the GHP Fitness & Nutrition Awards 2020, and we have recently been awarded ‘Best Podiatry Services Provider – Greater Melbourne’ Australian Enterprise Awards by APAC Insider.

As an award-winning podiatry clinic, Melbourne residents rely on us to provide effective and affordable services. All our patients receive thoughtful treatment for long-lasting results. Our mission is to provide holistic podiatry services and products that help our patients experience improved mobility and a happier life.

Our podiatrists can treat common issues such as:

We know how important it is to have a local, affordable podiatrist in Melbourne you can count on for effective treatment. Whether it is for advice, treatment or orthotics, Melbourne patients can come to us with all podiatry issues.

To find your closest Comfort Feet clinic, please visit our website or call us on 1300 DR FEET (1300 373 338).


To be the ‘best in class’ in providing holistic podiatry services and products enabling our patients to experience improved mobility. 

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